Bat & Ball Station's mural progress..

Published: 28 February 2024

Since the start of the mural on the 19th Feb, it's be raining none stop... Ola has had a tough start. She's been painting on and off at the Station for just a week now and things are slowly taking shape, but it doesn't help with not only the rain discouraging her but the wind! At the site, Ola has been keeping to herself with the public stopping in for a chat; It's been great that people have stopped to ask who she is and what's she painting, as it means the mural is getting noticed. At the beginning we did have a few phone calls as did the Sevenoaks District Council about the graffiti, hopefully as it's being painted it looks at lot less like graffiti and more a wonderfully colourful mural representing our community and the Station. 



Progress photo taking on the 23.02.24



 Progress photo taken on the 28.02.24