Bat & Ball Station Timeline

1859 - Sevenoaks Railway Bill passed by Parliament. Bat & Ball Station construction contract awarded to Thomas Crampton.

1862 - Bat & Ball Station opens, the first station in Sevenoaks, then known only as "Sevenoaks" Station.

1866 - Official visit to Knole by Prince and Princess of Wales (later Edward VII) accompanied by Duke of Edinburgh and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; arriving at Sevenoas Station.

1867 - Official visit to Knole by Queen Victoria, arriving as Sevenoaks Station.

1868 - Sevenoaks mainline station opens, confusingly as "Sevenoaks".

1869 - "Sevenoaks Bat & Ball" and "Sevenoaks Tubs Hill" linked by new line, built by Crampton.

1869 - "Sevenoaks" Station is renamed "Sevenoaks Bat & Ball" named after the local Bat & Ball Inn.

1917 - Some services reduced as temporary WWI economy measure.  

1919 - Services Resume. 

1935 - Electrification arrives to both Sevenoaks Tubs Hill and Bat & Ball stations.

1950 - "Sevenoaks Tubs Hill" renamed "Sevenoaks" Station.

1950 - "Sevenoaks Bat & Ball" station is renamed "Bat & Ball" station.

1962 - Most mainline services in Kent were electrified and new timetable introduced.

1975-1976 - "Sevenoaks" (formerly "Sevenoaks Tubs Hill") station is rebuilt.

1992 - Bat & Ball station building is de-staffed and boarded up.

2015 - Sevenoaks Town Council include Bat & Ball station as part of its Community Investment Plan and regeneration of Northern Sevenoaks. Friends of Bat & Ball station created.

2017 - Sevenoaks Town Council obtains long lease for the Bat & Ball Station Building. They also obtain Heritage Lottery Funding for refurbishment of Bat & Ball Station building to a community facility.

2018 - Sevenoaks Town Council starts work to refurbish the Bat & Ball building. 

With gratitude to Roger Johnson for extracts from his research.

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Bat & Ball Station Timeline