Refurbishment Photos 2018

Refurbishment images taken by Sevenoaks Camera Club.

Bat & Ball Station prior to refurbishment 2018. Building boarded up for 30 years.


18th June - Exterior hoardings erected. Information boards put in place.


Week 1 - ceilings come down and images of roof void


Week 2 - Joinery survey - internal windows and doors


Week 3 - work starts on platform toilet building


Week 4 - Removing plaster and exposing brickwork and fire places


Week 5 - removing trees from external brickwork


Week 6 - Platform side hoarding goes up with larger interepretation boards


Week 7 - Changes to spaces which will become kitchen and internal toilets


Week 8 - Brickwork restoration talk


Week 9 - Plasterwork repairs continue.


Week 10 - Getting window and door frames ready for renovation


Week 11 - External brickwork and woodwork restoration including paint removal


Week 12 - Time capsule and hard hat tour


Week 13 - Electric installation


Week 14 - Wood restoration talk


Week 15 - Plastering ceilings, tiling and plumping for toilets.


Week 16 - window restoration continues with new glass and painted frames


Week 17 - Restored windows waiting to go in, new wiring and toilet fittings


Week 18 - plastering, plasterboard and victorian fire surround fitted


Week 19 - Tiling the roof of the external toilet block


Week 20 - The old ticket office being transformed into the Cafe


Week 21 - Hard Hat Tour 2. New green and cream painted walls, doors and windows.


Friday 2nd November - Working through the night.


Week 22 - Installing a flue down the chimney from the roof


Week 23 - Kitchen and toilet fittings being installed


Week 24 - Final touches


Week 25 - Preview event- 27th November


Week 26 - connecting utilities


Week 27- New gates and external brick restoration


Memorabilia and inside the refurbished station