All Aboard Heritage Talk with Ed Thompson

Published: 30 November 2023

Over the years we have all seen Sevenoaks change and adapt to the modern 21st century, with new buildings being built, shops becoming residential, and cars being part of our everyday. Ed Thompson is a well known historian in the area, with a collection of well known History books detailing the times and changes in and around Sevenoaks. At this evening talk, Ed brought to light the wonderful and nostalgic history of St Johns, remembering the smells of steam engines, small pockets of communities which are no longer there, and even familiar shops which have stood the test of time all through the 20th century.

There was a great turn out of around 25 people, with a few turning up on the day to purchase a ticket. The attendees came from a mixture of backgrounds, including those who have moved to the area and would like to learn more about local history. Thank you to those who came. 



Up next is a talk with Jennifer Godfrey on Suffragettes of Kent

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