Forget-Me-Not cafe November

Published: 08 November 2023

We had the wonderful Phil Raymond back again with his bubbly personality, bringing back to life the wonderful theme tune classics from the 50's onwards. Theme tunes are a great way to listen back to the younger years of our clients who visit our cafe and revisit the good ol' days. Throughout our lives we listen to songs and sounds often linked with tv programmes, radio shows or even site seeing like seaside arcades. For people with dementia and even those who can't quite communicate as well as they could, playing a bit of music can be a powerful trigger to evoke positive feelings and emotions.  

Phil did just that with his great selection of theme tunes, he played classics such as In Town Tonight, Music while you work, Hancock's Half Hour, and the Glums. Well enjoyed by all, even a few younger volunteers who didn't know of the tunes!

   BBC Radio 4 'Educating Archie' (Image from BBC)



 BBC Radio 4 'Billy Cotton Band Show Housewives Choice' (Image from BBC)


 BBC Radio 4 'I'm rather worried about Jim' (Image from BBC)