Southeastern & Chatham style platform bench

Published: 15 September 2023

Since the benches vandalism damage at beginning of this year, it has been quite a sad site on platform 2 with only the rather unsightly metal Southeastern bench installed on the platform. We're not sure what the motive was to lifting the bench up, but alas the damage was done resulting in the arms being ripped off and thrown onto the tracks. 

After the bench was sent off to a specialist carpenter recommended by the Railway Heritage Trust, they got to work replacing not only the arms but also other damaged areas of the bench such as rot and decay; they were very caring with the bench and respected it heritage value immensely. We were also kindly given a £1000 grant from Railway Heritage Trust to build a replica of the Southeastern & Chatham style bench, enabling us to have two matching benches on the platform and replace the current metal modern Southeastern bench! All installed and back in place, the benches look great on platform 2.

Pop down to our station and check them out! With thanks to Sevenoaks Town Council Facility manager and Station Caretaker Derrick for the installations.