Forget-Me-Not cafe May

Published: 10 May 2023

Due to cancellations and a mix up of dates from Air Ambulance Kent Surry Sussex, our Heritage Engagement Officer had to step in with a short presentation about Bat & Ball Station. It was a great success and appreciated by those who attended, particularly as many know the local area but aren't haven't seen how the landscape has changed over time. Our volunteers also enjoyed the presentation, giving them an insight into the station and learning more about it!


If you'd like to view the presentation, please click here to view the PDF:/_UserFiles/Files/Station presentation.pdf

If you'd like to view images of Old Sevenoaks which we also show at the Forget-Me-not Cafe, please click here to view the PDF:  /_UserFiles/Files/Old Sevenoaks Images for Forget-Me-Not Cafe.pdf