Darent Valley Exhibition

Published: 14 May 2023


During 2022, Sevenoaks Camera undertook the project to photograph the Darent Valley train line from Sevenoaks to Swanley using any method they'd like. During the course of the year, the club explored the historic landscape, capturing the essence of what makes the Darent Valley so special. Having started from 300 photos cut down to 70 photos, the exhibition opened on the 13th & 14th May weekend. It was a great success with many locals visiting and our Station cafe kindly opened for the weekend also!

Well done to Sevenoaks Camera Club, Sarah Newman from Darent Valley Community Rail Partnership, and Bat & Ball Station Staff. 


A few images taken from the exhibition below: 


(Mounting the photographs, making sure everything was level) 



(A few keen visitors looking at photographs captured from Shoreham)



(A busy opening of the exhibition, with lots of keen visitors)



(Sevenoaks Town Council Mayor 2022 and Cllr Parry with Camera Club Chairmen Derek and Derek!) 


If you'd like to find out more about Sevenoaks Camera Club, you can go to their website here