Arts & Crafts Day

Published: 24 August 2022

The station held it's first Arts & Crafts workshops for 2022, which started off extremely well. We advertised through social media and our websites which proved to work well very, Facebook being the best.


The first of these events held on the 5th of August went very well with us seeing more people than we had originally thought. Over the course of the day we saw over 35-40 young people. With feedback from parents/guardians being very positive, many stating they wanted to return the following week.

The second held on 12th of August was not quite as busy as the first event, this is most likely due to the high temperatures. The Mayor also joined us even though we had very few in attendance. Despite this, the day went very well and the feedback from parents/guardians and young people was very positive.

The third held on 19th of August went very well with almost 20 young people in attendance from opening. Over the course of the day we saw around 40-45 young people. We also had a few groups who had attended the previous arts and craft sessions earlier in the month come back to join in again over the course of the day. The feedback from parents/ guardians was very positive, many expressing that would like to see more events like this in the future. A few parents mentioned that their children struggle to be creative, these workshops have helped them become more confident in it.


We have a few more creative events planned for the station this year! If you're looking for more events like this, please look at our Events page.