Eynsford Station Restoration

Published: 22 April 2022



(Above: Newly framed Eynsford Poster and planter.) 

Just along our Heritage Line is Eynsford Station built in 1862, set in beautiful countryside with rolling hills surrounding it. It's most popular for Eynsford Castle built in 1080, attracting large numbers of visitors from around the local area and afar. 

Along with South Eastern and Sevenoaks Town Council, it has become part of a restoration project running along the Heritage Line. The building wasn't derelict like Bat & Ball Station, but it was in worse for ware with windows boarded up and no station toilet. Over this past month, the station has been undergoing construction and repair to bring the station back to life and give it a new modern purpose.



(Above left: Image of window with broken pane and rotten frame) (Above right: Image of outside window, boarded up.)

In the function room, a sash window which was previously boarded up due to vandalism and rot will be restored and a fireplace that was filled in will be opened up and styled to become a feature piece of the room. Throughout the station the roof and walls has deteriorated over the years, this will also be addressed and painted in the same heritage colours as Bat & Ball Station.

We're very excited to see the progress over the next few weeks- keep a look out for photo updates on here!