A dress fit for Queen Victoria

Published: 25 February 2019

Queen Victoria travelled to Bat & Ball Station, which was the original station in Sevenoaks, when she visited Knole House in 1867.  To celebrate her visit and the refurbishment of Bat & Ball Station, thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, we have created a dress for Queen Victoria.   A workshop during half term engaged a number of families and members of the local community who each created skirt panels of memories inspired by trains, tickets, postcards, travel, the heritage of Sevenoaks area and the Victorian era.  Some people drew images and some even managed to include used Lottery Ticket into their designs.  Each panel was then washed with watercolour paint and coffee to create a 'sepia' wash.  Participants also crafted individual buttons, using tiny beads, sequins and coins which will be used to decorate the bodice of the dress.

All the completed pieces of work will be brought together by artist Jane Churchill to create a dress fit for Queen Victoria!  The final art work will be unveiled at the official opening of the Station later in the year, then displayed in the station for the remainder of the year.