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In the mid-1960s I used to go to school by train form Otford to Bat and Ball. One of the booking clerks at Bat & Ball was one Paddy Hallan as I recall he was short of some girth and Irish. Upon arrival at the station tickets bought at Otford were never collected. Another thing he allowed us to do after a day at school was to follow him into the booking office and date stamp our own tickets which we bought on a daily basis. He also turned a blind eye to us wandering from the platforms into the yard and on to the sidings.

Memory supplied by:

Ed Thompson

A staffed station, with a warm space to wait for trains in cold or rainy weather, and a real person to sell you a ticket and tell you if the train was delayed or cancelled. Much appreciated as I spent a stressful four months travelling daily to visit my husband in Barts Hospital. The human contact at the station made the journey much easier.

Memory supplied by:

Gill Paterson

I used Bat & Ball station for about 10 years from 1963 to the early 70's (when you still had to close the doors yourself and the trains just had a no. 83 on the front), to travel to work in London via Sevenoaks. I remember the station staff, being just one man (I think it was Paddy then) who sold and collected tickets and saw each train off. There were no train indicators nor any P.A. system then, so if a train was late, he would often walk down the platform to tell each passenger individually.

Memory supplied by:

David Toser

Thank you very much for inviting me to the Bat & Ball Station Preview. I really enjoyed being Station Master and seeing the steam train go by. Thank you also for giving me a birthday ‘shout out’.

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Kemi Ogun

Between 1982 and 1986 I was a regular commuter on the train just after 7 am up to Holborn Viaduct station. Norman was our friendly, efficient station master during that time, who not only sold tickets from his office but had a stash of Rich Tea biscuits for the Lurcher who lived next door! The regular travellers always passed the time of day with Norman and each other. The welcoming atmosphere at Bat and Ball and being always guaranteed a seat on the train made my journeys to work a pleasure.

Memory supplied by:

Susan Peters

My first memories are from 1954 when I and other students, reluctantly in my case, walked up from Cramptons Road over the old bridge and down to the station to get a train to Sevenoaks in order to join the old steam train to Tonbridge and school. A few years later it was Bat and Ball to Otford to get the train to Maidstone and more education. Finally, Bat & Ball to Sevenoaks station then onto Charing Cross toward the first employment – my Father had to loan me my first season ticket money - a new world to the future.

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Toni Johnston