Why Volunteer with us?

After Covid-19 hit the world, it's more important now more than ever to get our station back on it's tracks and embrace that community spirit!



Volunteering is an integral role for the station, you will be working alongside the Heritage Engagement Officer and other volunteers to help us deliver a variety of activities. As a station Volunteer, you'll become part of a growing team of people who share a passion for our wonderful Victorian station itself and also our growing Heritage Line in partnership with Darent Valley. On your volunteer path, you'll receive valuable work experience, training and support, and make new friends along the way.


As part of our volunteer programme, we are committed to meeting these goals to shape your volunteering environment;

- Fair and respectful environment, with recognition for your contribution.

- Learn new skills, share your knowledge, and make new friends.

-Volunteering staff passes- recognised visual identity for volunteers. Be a proud volunteer!

-Certificate for your personal volunteering contributions; demonstration of your work carried out for the station, and to show future volunteer organisations/ employers.  

If you're passionate about local history, your community, and engaging in social events then all aboard our volunteering train! 

You can also find our volunteering policies here from the Sevenoaks Town Council. 


Training & Orientation 


As part of your induction you will undertake training and orientation sessions.

These sessions aren't quite as exciting as our events, however these are key to understanding Bat & Ball station itself, the cafe staff, and other volunteers who you might not get to see on an everyday basis.

It also allows you to learn invaluable safety training if an emergency occurs, and also learn some new skills that will be helpful to you as a volunteer. 


Frequently Asked Questions?


Do I need previous experience?

Not necessarily. If you do pose any special skills which you'd like to share with us- please let us know!

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Volunteers will need to be 16 years and over. 

Will volunteering help me find a job?

If you are looking for a job, volunteering is a great opportunity to test out heritage work and even set up a good route for employment. Adding volunteering to your CV can give you a boost for your CV and give you invaluable skills that can be applied to any job role.

Can I volunteer if I have a disability?

At Bat & Ball station everyone is welcome. If you have a disability that restricts in certain situations, please let us know and we can work to create a comfortable volunteering environment for you.

We are committed to making sure that everyone's voice within our team is heard, valued and respected. 

Do I need a DBS?

No, this is because you will not be working with children on your own. 


Need more information?

 Please don't hesitate to contact the Heritage Engagement Officer heo@sevenoakstown.gov.uk 


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